DevOps-enabled iPaaS: Deliver Innovation Faster

June 16, 2020

The unified Boomi Platform works with DevOps environments to improve code quality and streamline software development. IT organizations can build Boomi into their continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) frameworks, making integration part of their DevOps practice.

The Boomi Platform connects with DevOps frameworks to help developers and operations teams automate software testing and deployment, improve code quality, and accelerate IT initiatives.

As a company that practices DevOps itself, Boomi understands the value that DevOps practices and frameworks can provide for accelerating software development and supporting agile practices. Boomi has opened APIs in its platform to support integration with leading DevOps tools, so Boomi customers can more easily include application integration in their DevOps disciplines.

Building Boomi into DevOps processes helps ensure that integrations and business logic are tested and deployed quickly and smoothly, accelerating the pace of digital transformation.

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