Boomi for Onboarding

Unify onboarding experiences across your connected business for employees and customers.

With structured onboarding, you can boost employee productivity and achieve your business outcomes faster.

Boomi's Onboarding Solution Accelerator allows you to:

  • Bring together processes and workflows from across your organization
  • Connect both on-premises and cloud applications residing in your hybrid IT environment
  • Create an automatically maintained data repository that provides a “single version of truth” for your employees and customers

Combined, these capabilities bring together your onboarding experience for customers and employees into a unified, seamless process.

Reduce Manual Effort

  • Transform your entire onboarding process to a seamless, automated, and paperless process.
  • Minimize manual data entry and greatly reduce human error
  • Automate management of compliance notification and escalation workflows

Streamline Collaboration

  • Support efficient, consistent and flexible experiences for your onboarding team
  • Automate real-time visibility into onboarding workflows to reduce turnaround time

Improve engagement

  • Create a unique and reliable onboarding experience that is responsive and agile
  • Reduce attrition due to poor onboarding experiences
  • Decrease acquisition costs for employees and partners
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