Boomi Hub With Flex Extends Master Data Management Across Your Business

Bring all-new efficiencies to your master data management by orchestrating key data governance processes.

Jump-start your data quality initiatives by extending engagement with business stakeholders. Increase operational efficiency for practitioners, while automating workflows and hardening security.

Data quality depends on creating a single source of truth, the “golden record.” And today’s organizations rely on data from multiple sources and functions. Business stakeholders play an increasingly critical role in efficiently defining and managing master data to truly fuel business success.

Using Boomi Master Data Hub with Flex, you can build a more inclusive master data strategy, extending decision-making to key business constituents and delivering actionable data insights.

Boomi Hub with new Flex capabilities provides an agile, cloud-native service to help you manage and represent data consistently across your organization.

  • Support an expanded community of data stewards and stakeholders from lines of business
  • Easily model, match, synchronize, cleanse and enrich data
  • Deliver true multi-domain master data definition and orchestration, faster and more easily
  • Support a unified data management strategy with application integration, data governance controls and domain-specific data integrity services

"Boomi Hub with Flex allows us to say YES to customers embarking on any MDM journey that requires the custom definition and orchestration of master data."

— Geoff Bockelmann, Solutions Architect, Boomi Master Data Hub

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