Virtustream and Boomi Offer Clients Ticketing Integration as a Service

Virtustream wanted a faster, more flexible way to integrate customer IT service management (ITSM) systems like ServiceNow and Remedy with its internal instance of ServiceNow. Boomi was the answer.

“We just operate ServiceNow the way we normally do and Boomi does all the translations between systems. Boomi connects our ticketing system to our customers, so they don’t have to worry about reaching out to us indirectly.”

— John Apone, ITSM Integration Manager, Virtustream

ServiceNow is Virtustream’s ITSM platform for changes, incident management, and service requests. ServiceNow is connected to the Virtustream cloud so it’s constantly monitoring the infrastructure. And, it has a rich configuration management database (CMDB) that “understands” what services Virtustream customer consume.

For example, if a customer’s database server has reached capacity, it creates an event in ServiceNow that Virtustream works to resolve. Likewise, if Virtustream is making changes to its infrastructure or to a customer environment, all that activity runs through ServiceNow.

In the past, customers had several options for initiating a service request. They could email, call the service desk, or log into the Virtustream customer portal to start or track the progress of a service ticket. But some wanted to integrate their ITSM platform with Virtustream’s instance of ServiceNow. That way customers could handle all service requests and tracking through their own ITSM system. No emails. No logging into another system. No calls to the service desk.

But this came at a price. Connecting Virtustream's ServiceNow with customer instances of the application or other ITSM platforms required custom-coding API-to-API integrations and was difficult to maintain.

Each time Virtustream or the customer upgraded its ITSM platform, the connections had to be tested and often rebuilt. Ensuring customer access to the combined systems was also a constant problem. Each user had to be authorized on both systems, Virtustream’s and its own. And the API integrations provided no monitoring.

To meet the challenge of easily integrating ITSM instances and getting off the custom coding merry-go-round, Virtustream turned to Boomi, another Dell Technologies business, to create "ticketing integration as a service".

Now, when customers have a service issue, they can open a ticket in their ServiceNow instance and it automatically opens it on the Virtustream side. Virtustream can resolve the issue and its status will update in the customer’s system.

Boomi is the glue that makes this possible, whether the system is ServiceNow, Remedy, or a homegrown system.

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