Boomi for Salesforce Integration: Retail

Integrating Salesforce with key applications and data across a retail organization can deliver the all-important 360-degree view of the customer.

With comprehensive insight into each customer, retailers can market and sell more effectively across all channels, discover trends and opportunities, and deliver the best possible experience at every customer touch point.

Retailers achieve this 360-degree view by integrating Salesforce with inventory systems, billing systems, shipping centers, customer support and call center systems, ecommerce platforms, point-of-sale systems, and other applications and APIs across the enterprise.

Low-code integration enables retailers to quickly and cost-effectively connect Salesforce to applications on-premise or in the cloud. Low-code features, such as ready-to-use connectors and a drag-and-drop interface, make it possible for business analysts and other non-technical users to build Salesforce integrations so they can get the data they need.

Through integration, retailers can make the most of Salesforce, creating a comprehensive system of record for customer data and bringing a 360-degree view of the customer to employees.

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