Boomi Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE)

February 24, 2020

Accelerate Digital Business With Integration Best Practices, Reusable Frameworks, and Collaborative Workflows

As a key part of Boomi’s Digital Acceleration Practice, Boomi consultants help enterprises build, manage, and grow Integration Centers of Excellence (ICoE) tailored for a more collaborative, community-oriented, and innovative digital enterprise.

The Boomi ICoE model supports today’s need for operational agility and speed by building a community of enablement. The model provides business units and development teams greater autonomy to accelerate integration projects while ensuring quality and consistency across the entire organization.

Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, assesses an organization’s integration maturity and guides creation of a strategic roadmap for integration projects. Engagements vary from sharing best practices to embedding consultants.

Read our service brief to find out how Boomi can help drive fast, efficient integration across your organization. 

"Once you start on the integration journey, it isn’t very long before you have hundreds of integrations. It is difficult to redo that volume of work, so you need a good set of ground rules and a well-designed foundation up front – and that’s just what Boomi’s new ICoE service provides."

— Murali Anakavur, IT Director, Gilead Sciences

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