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Workiva helps teams work more efficiently with its collaborative work management platform, Wdesk. The Wdesk platform creates a single source of data used in finance, accounting, compliance, and other reporting functions. Wdesk connects data and documents into a single cloud reporting environment that supports Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, SEC reporting, audit, internal reporting, risk management and similar initiatives. CFO Magazine calls Workiva technology "as essential to the offices of the CFO and the controller as oxygen." Critically, Wdesk becomes more powerful the more data sources it consolidates. To make integrating data sources fast and easy, Wdesk customers can take advantage of a new Workiva managed service powered by Dell Boomi's integration platform as a service (iPaaS). In partnership with Boomi, Workiva gives customers the option to offload integration tasks to the Workiva managed services team rather than using internal or third-party developers to connect enterprise resource planning, general ledger, human resources and other applications to Wdesk. Boomi's unique low-code approach to integration, reusable components, and intuitive user experience make it easy for the managed services group at Workiva to connect to virtually any application used by Wdesk customers. Workiva can add new data sources without the overhead of custom integration or hand coding. And because Boomi is a multi-tenant cloud service, the Boomi partner can easily apply integration best practices from one customer integration across all its accounts. Boomi also makes it possible for Workiva to onboard customers much more rapidly, accelerating the company's revenue growth. "By partnering with Boomi, we help our customers focus on using Wdesk to improve productivity and deliver insights without having to worry about the technical details of integration," said Matt Crawford, director of product management at Workiva. Partner Success Profile "Our developers find Boomi very intuitive and easy to use, so they can very quickly connect to systems and build integrations." Matt Crawford Director of Product Management, Workiva Boomi iPaaS fuels rapid growth for Workiva, helping the enterprise software company easily connect new data sources without the costs of hand coding. Workiva Speeds Customer Onboarding and Expands Sales with Boomi Partner Spotlight • Software Market: Enterprise Management • HQ Location: Ames, Iowa • Founded: 2008 • Customers: 2,800+ • Employees: 1,200+

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