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New Flexibility for Workiva Integration Boomi has significantly expanded the integration capabilities of Workiva, which, since its founding in 2008, has grown into a leading provider of collaborative work management cloud software used by more than 2,800 organizations, including over 70 percent of the Fortune 500. Beyond financials, Wdesk is increasingly used in business areas such as performance reporting and budgeting. Boomi's cloud-native flexibility makes it a natural fit as Wdesk expands across multiple business functions. "Boomi's flexibility helps customers broaden their use of our collaborative platform to bridge the gap into other areas of their business," said George Hadjiyanis, Workiva's senior director of industry marketing. The Boomi-based managed service for Wdesk also leverages Boomi's master data management (MDM) governance features, including version control, audit trail management and security. These features give Workiva and its customers critical visibility and confidence that data is well managed and secure. Rapid Low-Code Development Wdesk architects assist customers in defining data sources and designing reporting processes that align with business objectives. Workiva then uses Boomi's low-code iPaaS to quickly build, deploy and manage integrations for its customers across both cloud and on-premise applications. Workiva evaluated several potential iPaaS partners to support its managed service before teaming up with Boomi. "Boomi is certainly the leader in the iPaaS market, and we wanted a platform that could scale," Crawford said. "Our developers find Boomi very intuitive and easy to use, so they can very quickly connect to systems and build integrations." Boomi's low-code, drag-and-drop configuration environment lets Workiva build integrations far faster than custom-coding and without the cost and complexity of traditional on-premise middleware. The company's developers particularly appreciate Boomi's 200+ pre-built connectors to leading applications, as well as standard technology connectors for REST, SOAP, HTTP, ODATA, ODBC, FTP, HL7 and others. In addition, Boomi's ability to connect with any application gives Workiva agility in meeting a growing array of unique customer requirements. "Our primary focus is to help our customers get set up and productively using our service as quickly as possible. Boomi's intuitive, low-code integration platform is a big part of that." George Hadjiyanis Senior Director of Industry Marketing, Workiva "By partnering with Boomi, we allow Workiva customers to focus on improving productivity and insights with Wdesk without having to worry about the technical details of integration." Matt Crawford Director of Product Management, Workiva

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