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"Data is ultimately where value is created for the business of healthcare. Done well – it is the gift that keeps on giving" CIO of Major U.S. Hospital Dell Boomi for Salesforce Health Cloud Strengthen patient relationships with Salesforce and agile cloud integration An integrated view of members, patients or trial participants is critical to modern medicine. Dell Boomi provides agile cloud integration that connects applications of all types to the Salesforce Health Cloud. With Boomi and Salesforce Health Cloud, organizations can better understand and serve patients while lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies. Gain a single patient view to drive healthcare transformation Boomi combined with Salesforce Health Cloud helps medical and life sciences companies integrate diverse data to generate a single, 360-degree view of all patient information. Easily draw data from heterogeneous systems. And support highly efficient and personalized medicine that improves quality of treatment and patient satisfaction. Boomi equips healthcare organizations to rapidly connect Health Cloud with electronic health records (EHR) systems, third-party medical services providers, and other clinical and non-clinical data sources, from imaging applications to Internet of Things (IoT) wearable medical devices. The Boomi integration platform combined with Salesforce Health Cloud makes possible the 'meaningful use' of healthcare data buried in patient records and claims data. Partner Solution Brief Integrating data for better healthcare. Benefits Providers - Create 1-to-1 patient journeys. Meet rising patient expectations for a personalized healthcare experience by connecting internal and partner systems. Improve communications and medical outcomes with accurate, up-to-date patient data in Salesforce Health Cloud, accessible from anywhere over any device. Payers - Build patient engagement. Insurers and health plan providers simplify the member experience with disparate data integrated and accessible through self-service portals and mobile apps. Heighten transparency with a complete record of patient interactions and related billing and payments while identifying opportunities for building wellness programs. Life sciences - Improve clinical trials. Gain a complete picture of patients and clinical trial processes to improve outcomes. Integrate across Health Cloud and pharmacovigilance drug safety systems and IoT clinical and personal devices for a single view that spans from participant selection to trial completion. Focus on patients, not integration. Whatever a company's role in healthcare, Boomi simplifies and speeds needed integrations. Prebuilt connectors, support for HL7 and other data standards, and low-code development let stakeholders focus resources on the healthcare mission, not costly and time-consuming integration. Build collaborative ecosystems. Securely connect with healthcare partners and third parties to build collaborative, patient-centric networks. Consolidate clinical, engagement and financial data while strengthening compliance with HIPAA in the United States and similar healthcare data regulations around the world. Payers Integrated View of Members and Care Events Claims Patient Record Medications Record Providers Single View of Patient Conditions Medications Clinical Events Wearable Data Users: Case Managers Customer Service Life Sciences Complete View of Patient and Care in Trial Patient Record Quality System Integration, etc. Users: Case Managers Users: Doctors Nurses Other Care Providers Health Cloud

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