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As a key part of Boomi's Digital Acceleration Practice, Boomi consultants help enterprises build, manage, and grow Integration Centers of Excellence (ICoE) tailored for a more collaborative, community-oriented, and innovative digital enterprise. The Boomi ICoE model supports today's need for operational agility and speed by building a community of enablement. The model provides business units and development teams greater autonomy to accelerate integration projects while ensuring quality and consistency across the entire organization. Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, assesses an organization's integration maturity and guides creation of a strategic roadmap for integration projects. Engagements vary from sharing best practices to embedding consultants. DRIVE FAST, EFFICIENT INTEGRATION ACROSS YOUR ORGANIZATION With an ICoE, an enterprise can: Accelerate digital transformation • By adopting a low-code development platform and standardizing integration frameworks, an enterprise can empower teams to innovate quickly, seize new market opportunities, and pursue its boldest ambitions in the digital economy. Reduce development times and risks with reusable frameworks • An ICoE roadmap establishes a list of reusable frameworks to be built over time. These frameworks eliminate as much as 80% of the work required for new integrations while ensuring that projects adhere to best practices and guidelines. Improve data governance with a single version of the truth • Connecting more data sources quickly makes it easier to establish a single version of the truth. Improved data governance leads to better decision-making and better execution. Save money and improve IT efficiency • Ad hoc integration might seem "quick and dirty," but it ends up being slow and expensive to maintain. It's better to build reusable frameworks and components, reducing the scope of new projects to what is truly custom and strategic. Boomi Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE) Accelerate Digital Business With Integration Best Practices, Reusable Frameworks, and Collaborative Workflows S E R V I C E B R I E F Above: Boomi ICoE engagements address strategic goals with flexible approaches for transforming people, processes, and technology.

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