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Transformation BUSINESS GOALS is a superpower in white-label shipping, partnering with large retailers throughout the U.S. More than 50 percent of all chocolate sold in the country and shipped during the summer months comes from's temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouse. The vast majority of the company's sales are from its major trading partners in the U.S. And EDI is vital to the health of those partnerships.'s sales have steadily grown, driven by the company's ability to help partners consistently outperform their competitors. To do that, Candy. com maintains a laser focus on keeping its partner relationships operating smoothly so it can: • Accommodate rapid growth • Maintain its reputation for error-free, same-day shipping • Deliver industry-leading service TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGES's EDI process was inefficient and not scalable. Employees had to manually enter orders coming in via email and other methods outside of the EDI system. The process was threatening the company's ability to support its rapid growth, which had increased to thousands of orders a day. Using the manual process, it could take as long as a day for an order to appear in the company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. wanted to bring its EDI management in-house to boost the speed of order entry, improve accuracy and save on costs — but it needed a platform that could integrate with NetSuite and could be put into production quickly. Drives Growth of Shipping Business With Boomi's Bulletproof EDI ird-party logistics provider saves more than 200 hours per week in manual processing while delivering error-free, next-day shipping services. C A S E S T U D Y anks to Boomi, we have extreme confidence in our EDI process. Our EDI is now lightning fast and bulletproof. Gary Cifatte, CTO,

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