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Case Study: NNIT Several years ago, NNIT embarked on an initiative to offer its customers new flexibility for monitoring and managing their IT systems. NNIT, a leading IT services and infrastructure provider in Denmark, had a great market opportunity. Large companies in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, financial services and public sector industries wanted to connect their own IT service management (ITSM) tools with NNIT's ITSM system to streamline operations and improve the resilience of their computing environments. To make this initiative viable, NNIT needed highly reliable, real-time connectivity between its customers' applications and NNIT's ITSM system. To ensure the quality of this essential connectivity, NNIT turned to Dell Boomi. And with NNIT's reputation on the line and IT downtime potentially costing millions of dollars, the stakes were high. "The integrations powered by Boomi are extremely critical," said Mikkel Iversen, director of cloud and integration at NNIT, a 3,300-person firm serving more than 400 clients. "ITSM integration has to be very near real time, and running all the time, because every minute counts. Most of our customers can't do business if their IT isn't running. So that could become very expensive, and we would have to pay fines. Every minute lost in ITSM synchronization is money wasted." But by turning to Boomi, NNIT has confidently met these exacting data integration requirements for reliability, speed, scalability and throughput. Boomi now exchanges 29,000 transactions and 130,000 documents per day in CASE STUDY – NNIT Market: IT Services Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark Founded: 1994 Customers: 400 Employees: 3,330 Business Goals: NNIT wanted its customers to be able to run their own ITSM applications while simultaneously using NNIT's ITSM system. Integration Challenges: Integration across complex ITSM environments needed to be real time, reliable and scalable. How Boomi Helped: Boomi delivers the mission-critical stability and speed that NNIT needs while facilitating rapid integration development. Results: • 4X faster integration development compared to legacy ESB systems • Reliability and high throughput in mission- critical integrations • Transparent monitoring and reporting to ensure process integrity • New IT service offerings that meet demands of large customers Leading European Technology Consultancy Pioneers IT Management Capabilities With Boomi NNIT turns to Dell Boomi to roll out integrations 4X faster than legacy middleware while providing mission-critical reliability and high-performance IT management services.

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