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Business Goals North Sea Port, a private company that operates three harbors in the Netherlands and Belgium handling 50,000 cargo ships a year, is focused on improving operational efficiencies, strengthening safety, driving digital transformation and increasing collaboration in the European port community. The port, ranked #10 in shipping volume in Europe, saw an opportunity for streamlining and automating ship registration. Previously, this had been a time-consuming, error-prone exercise of visually scanning waters and manually logging ships into a port management application. To streamline ship registrations, North Sea Port realized it could harness IoT data — tracking information openly broadcast by ship transponders that is based on the maritime industry standard automatic identification system (AIS) protocol. Technology Challenges With the help of Nalta, a Netherlands-based IT consultancy and a top Dell Boomi partner in Europe, North Sea Port took the first step of capturing AIS data from incoming ships via a physical antenna and uploading it into an online database. Comparison between the AIS data and information in the port management system showed discrepancies. This validated that AIS data could be used to pinpoint ship locations and improve how ships register along the 60-kilometer-long port. Next, Nalta custom-built a cloud-based application called Harmony to collect and share the AIS information with personnel at the port and on ships. But the Harmony app would need to integrate with the port management system to streamline vessel tracking, registration and invoicing. North Sea Port Drives Revenues and Efficiencies With Innovative IoT Platform A leading European port is streamlining ship registrations with a Dell Boomi-powered system that improves revenue, cash flow and safety. CASE STUDY – NORTH SEA PORT INNOVATION The Boomi-powered Harmony app is delivering an increase in revenue, quality and safety, and a decrease in cost and lead time. Rick van Sluijs, IT Manager, North Sea Port

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