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Dell Boomi EDI Managed Service Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) replaces cumbersome, paper-based processes, such as purchasing, invoicing, and fulfillment, with electronic communication. As a result, EDI streamlines your supply chain, reducing your inventory requirements, speeding the realization of revenue, lowering costs, and minimizing the risk of errors. That's why Walmart, Best Buy, and other leaders in their markets make EDI a requirement for their business partners. Because EDI is critical to your business, it must run reliably, error free, and at peak performance. Any errors or service disruptions can have serious business consequences. But implementing and managing an EDI system can be cost prohibitive and cumbersome, and requires highly specialized skills. Now, with Dell Boomi EDI Managed Service, you can enjoy all the benefits of EDI with the peace of mind of managed service. Dell Boomi EDI specialists will take the EDI system administration burden off your shoulders and ensure that your systems are running optimally at all times. You don't have to acquire and retain specialized (and increasingly rare) EDI skills in your organization. Instead, you can focus your resources on your core competencies and accelerate your business growth. Cost-effective Solution for Your Growing Business As you add customers and trading partners to your growing business, your EDI transaction volume also increases. Most EDI managed solution vendors charge based on transaction volume. So, as your business grows and your transaction volume increases, your costs skyrocket — making it difficult for you to estimate your operating costs as well as cutting into profit margins. With Dell Boomi EDI Managed Service, you pay a fixed subscription fee based on the number of production processes you run — not a variable fee based on the number of transactions processed. That means you can increase transaction volumes as you grow your business, without a corresponding cost increase. It also means your costs are predictable, so you can accurately budget. What's more, you can increase your ecosystem footprint as you grow your business by adding new trading partners, without increasing your cost. That's because, unlike our competitors, Dell Boomi does not charge to add trading partners. Increased Business Agility To be competitive in today's highly dynamic business environment, you need to respond quickly to seasonal changes, new product introductions, new distribution opportunities, and other changing business conditions. The Dell Boomi EDI Managed Solution is built on Boomi's industry leading multi-tenant AtomSphere® platform. This enables our EDI experts to onboard a new trading partner in as little as two weeks compared to the one to three months required by competing solutions. Need to make changes to your existing processes? Because we own the Dell Boomi AtomSphere® platform, our EDI experts can modify your processes inline in near real time, whereas our competitors take from three to five days. Rock-solid Dependability The Dell Boomi EDI Managed Service team delivers EDI services from the AtomSphere® platform, which Dell Boomi owns and manages. Our EDI specialists proactively monitor all process activity and quickly resolve any data-related errors, application connectivity issues, and configuration issues that may arise. So you can rest assured that all deployed Dell Boomi integration processes are available around the clock and are running error free at peak performance. Expert System Administration Dell Boomi's EDI specialists will perform the following administrative functions: • User management — add, modify, and delete users • Trading partner management — onboard new trading partners • Licensing — manage, report, and monitor licenses • Release control — apply and test prereleases and development/ QA environments • Maintenance — maintain Boomi configurations Whether you're already a Dell Boomi user, considering using the Dell Boomi AtomSphere platform, or investigating EDI managed service providers, make the right choice—Dell Boomi EDI Managed Service. © 2016 Dell, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Dell, Dell Software, the Dell Software logo and products—as identified in this document—are registered trademarks of Dell, Inc. in the U.S.A. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Handout-BoomiEDI-ManagedService-US-KS-20840 US Headquarters 801 Cassatt Road, Suite 111 Berwyn, PA 19312 USA 1.800.732.3602 West Coast Office 301 Howard Street, Suite 1950 San Francisco, CA 94105 USA EMEA Headquarters The Boulevard Cain Road Bracknell England RG12 1LF United Kingdom APJ Headquarters Building 3, 14 Aquatic Drive Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 Australia Dell Boomi EDI resource experts ensure optimal performance of EDI production processes by: • Proactively monitoring and maintaining production process • Resolving data-related errors, application connectivity, and configuration issues • Retrying and resubmitting failed process records

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