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Case Study: CONTRALOAD | SUPPLY CHAIN/LOGISTICS Contraload has built a thriving business with an innovative, eco-friendly supply chain service that lets customers rent from a shared pool of more than 3 million plastic pallets, bins and other industrial containers to store and transport supplies and products. Promising 100 percent reuse of its assets, Contraload runs the biggest network of its kind in Europe. Based in Belgium, the 15-year-old Contraload grew revenue 20 percent in 2018 while expanding its customer base to more than 3,000 companies across 26 countries. Contraload's innovative business model is not only helping the environment but also helping its customers significantly reduce operational costs, lower capital expenses and eliminate operational headaches. When Contraload wanted to be equally efficient in managing its inventory data, it turned to Dell Boomi. Information about the company's inventory is scattered across customers and disconnected business applications. As a result, employees were spending too much time manually tracking and managing Contraload's dynamic asset supply. Boomi provided the integration and workflow engine that helped address these key business challenges for the innovative company. Raf Fonteyn, Contraload's director of information and communications technology (ICT), says Boomi is a foundational component of the company's Connect ICT Strategy, a multi-year initiative to modernize its digital CASE STUDY – SUPPLY CHAIN/LOGISTICS Market: Supply Chain/Logistics Headquarters: Aartselaar, Belgium Founded: 2004 Customers: 3,000 Employees: 135 Business Goals: Contraload wanted to connect disparate business systems to improve customer service and operational efficiency. Integration Challenges: Limited custom scripting in place at Contraload was too slow and time-consuming to meet business objectives. How Boomi Helped: Contraload is now running an agile and connected business as it builds on 20 percent year-over-year revenue growth. Results: • 5X to 10X faster integration development compared to alternatives • 120 hours a week of manual IT and operational work eliminated • Breakthrough insights and improved customer service levels • Transparency to spot and fix issues in minutes, not weeks Contraload Turns to Boomi to Transform Supply Chain Sustainability Leading European supplier of pooled, eco-friendly plastic pallets and industrial storage containers partners with Boomi to speed integration projects 10X while modernizing its inventory tracking system.

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