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View all customer stories at © 2019 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other names or marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. This brief is for informational purposes only. Speak with a Boomi integration expert Learn more about the Boomi cloud-native integration platform "We had people constantly revising and correcting data across the board to ensure everything was running accurately," Fonteyn says. "Boomi eliminates those manual administrative chores so our employees can do their jobs more effectively instead of correcting errors." This has helped Contraload transform into a connected business that's more efficient, focused on customer needs and driving new innovations. And minimizing tedious data work is also improving employee satisfaction. Since going live on Boomi in December 2017, Contraload has worked hand in hand with B-flow on its integration projects as well as training and certifying four internal personnel on the Boomi platform. And Contraload has added a new project to its roadmap: using Boomi to capture IoT and RFID data for additional operational insights and efficiencies. Fixing Issues in 5 Minutes, Not 3 Weeks As Fonteyn notes, if an issue does arise, Boomi makes it easy to quickly identify and resolve the root cause. The value of transparent, cloud-native integration was illustrated at a director-level management meeting in which Fonteyn called up the Boomi monitoring dashboard. "We had an issue with the CRM and ERP integration that in the past would have taken two to three weeks to solve," Fonteyn says. "We just pulled up that integration on the Boomi screen at a directors' meeting — and even the directors, who aren't technical, could see what the problem was." "We fixed it in five minutes," he adds. "You can avoid a lot of discussion and troubleshooting using a structurally sound, efficient and transparent platform like Boomi." "Boomi is helping us better understand and connect with the customer's business and set up integration in a fast and agile way." Raf Fonteyn ICT Director, Contraload

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