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Case Study: BOOMI | SUBSCRIPTION BILLING After six years of exporting invoice transactions from Salesforce into Excel and manually entering them into NetSuite, members of Boomi's finance team had enough. The swivel chair was making them dizzy. With thousands of customers' invoices tracked on spreadsheets in personal computers, the team knew it needed to find a better way. But the answer to this challenge was close at hand. By using the Boomi unified platform for integrating invoicing data across multiple applications, the team was able to automate how it processed subscription billing data and carried out workflows. With Boomi integrations, it could ensure consistency in its billing management, speed revenue recognition, accelerate cash collections, and reduce time spent on manual data management by tenfold. "Boomi has helped us create a far more streamlined and dependable system for managing the complexities of our subscription billing," says Pat Gallagher, director of financial analysis for Boomi. "With Boomi, we are now able to scale while eliminating significant costs and improving data quality." Subscription Invoicing. A Different Animal. While Boomi's manual approach to invoice management was the best option when the company was young and invoicing volumes were low, such a high-touch system simply wasn't viable as the company scaled. CASE STUDY – BOOMI: SUBSCRIPTION BILLING Market: Integration Software Headquarters: Chesterbrook, Penn. Founded: 2000 Customers: 8200+ Employees: 900+ Business Goals: Automate subscription invoicing, eliminate manual data entry and speed revenue recognition and cash collection. Business Challenges: Integrate Salesforce order data with NetSuite to create a system that manages recurring invoices, including incremental sales to existing accounts; improve data accuracy. How Boomi Helped: Boomi integration eliminated the need for Excel spreadsheets to manage thousands of customers' subscription invoices and associated revenue amortization. Data quality improved, while challenges with duplicate, missing and incorrect invoices were eliminated. Results: • Reduced time required to audit invoice processes • Automated processing of 800 invoices per month • Shortened time to create an invoice from 10 minutes to 1 minute • Accelerated revenue recognition and cash collection Boomi Tames the Challenges of Subscription Revenue With Modern Integration The Dell Boomi finance team turns to the company's integration platform to solve its "swivel chair" problem for managing subscription invoicing, helping it keep pace as the company rapidly expands.

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