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Dell Boomi Integration and Low Code App Development

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Dell Boomi for Integration & Low-Code App Development Boomi Integrate connects systems. Boomi Flow connects people. Together, they can transform your business. It's the connectivity paradigm. Processes, applications and data — whether on-premise or in the cloud — united across people and devices. Serving customers. Empowering employees. And engaging partners. But the technology of connection cannot overlook user experience. That's why Boomi Flow is such a key component of the integration equation. Low-Code, Lightweight Application Development Extends the Effectiveness of a Modern Integration Layer Low-code development platforms accelerate delivery of applications and workflows through process automation. But their value is significantly diminished if they can't easily connect across your diverse application and data ecosystem — from a portfolio of SaaS applications and legacy systems to data stores across your hybrid computing ecosystem. In other words, your application development platform needs to integrate with your integration platform. That's what we've done with Boomi Flow and Boomi Integrate. Now, you can focus on developing applications that use your data to deliver transformative business improvements. That's what really matters. Improve the customer experience There are many tasks, activities and processes for which lightweight applications with seamless access to the right data can deliver measurable results for employees, customers and partners. Take the pain out of onboarding. Companies can realize huge gains in productivity, cost-efficiency and employee engagement using applications that unify and coordinate data sources to automate key processes for new hires. Boomi used its own integration platform to make onboarding more efficient. Application development time accelerated 2x while the solution saved 3.4 hours of administrative work per new hire for system provisioning. Create digital assistants with chatbots. Customers expect your website to swiftly deliver highly relevant information. With chatbots, companies provide exceptional service while driving sales and gaining insights into the customer journey. Many chatbots are either rules-based or AI-driven, but chatbots powered by Boomi Flow and Boomi Integrate combine both approaches. This reduces chatbot training time, creates greater contextual awareness from connected applications, and accurately routes customers and prospects as needed. Companies using Boomi-powered chatbots have realized a 7x increase in the number of hot leads from their websites. Help service agents in the field. Many field service tasks are still assigned manually. Siloed teams, processes and systems, with little to no mobile support, result in slow response time and higher risk of errors — leading to customer dissatisfaction. Origin Energy, Australia's leading energy provider, uses Boomi Flow, Boomi Hub and Boomi Integrate to increase the productivity of field services by 25 percent through automating manual workflows and providing offline connectivity to field agents. Solution Brief

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