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Though few will voice this premise, the reality is that without IT transformation there is no business transformation or digital transformation. And IT transformation has two goals — both driven by the need for businesses to become more responsive to marketplace demands and competitive pressures. First, IT is desperate to reduce the time it takes to roll out the new IT and business services needed to support business strategy. Whatever terminology you use, IT often is considered a barrier to business innovation. To change this perception — and the reality on which it's based — IT must improve the quality of the services it delivers while creating an automated, self-service model for its internal business partners. This makeover will require linking IT applications to IT processes. Second, IT transformation must reduce costs by slashing development time and the personnel resources necessary to meet service demands. That means streamlining data movement between operational IT processes while improving data governance and quality. So, whether you're a chief information officer (CIO) or a chief technology officer (CTO), IT transformation has to be on your to-do list. But you don't have to be a "chief" of anything for IT transformation to matter. It's just as relevant to VPs of operations, DevOps directors and digital business strategists. Transformation Is a Challenge Without a doubt, IT transformation is challenging. Right now, in most organizations, it's expensive, time consuming and difficult to connect data from IT systems to support business needs. Let's use Dell Technologies as an example. Modernizing Applications One of the tasks of IT transformation is modernizing applications and integrating them across business segments such as manufacturing, sales, after-sales service and finance. In its own IT transformation initiative, Dell had many "heavy-weight" service-oriented architecture (SOA) integrations that came with complex transformations and business logic embedded in an enterprise service bus (ESB). This created a massive infrastructure inside Dell that included a thousand-plus virtual machines to maintain. EXECUTIVE BRIEF – IT TR ANSFORMATION In Pursuit of IT Transformation Integration provides the foundation for aligning IT services with business demands Boomi streamlines data movement for operational processes, maintains connections across multiple virtual and physical endpoints and improves data governance and quality.

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