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Case Study: JWH GROUP | RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION JWH Group, a leading residential developer in Western Australia, faced a unique challenge. The company needed to integrate SugarCRM and Marketo to improve sales and marketing effectiveness — but it also needed to keep vital data segregated. That's because four of JWH Group's eight companies — Plunkett Homes, WA Country Builders, Residential Building WA and Oswald Homes — are considered competitors. JWH doesn't want one company viewing the leads and quotes of another as each pursues prospective home buyers. "We faced the technical challenge of getting SugarCRM to work with Marketo properly because our four main builders compete with each other and the data needed to be segregated," says Pep Oliveri, JWH Group chief technology officer. "There was no way that the API functionality in Marketo and SugarCRM could enforce that segregation." JWH Group solved the problem with Dell Boomi. The cloud-native integration platform is delivering real- time connectivity between SugarCRM, a customer relationship management application, and Marketo, a marketing automation tool, so that sales reps have valuable insights into prospective home buyers. At the same time, Boomi ensures that JWH Group's competing companies can't access each other's information, while providing a consolidated group-level view to JWH Group executives. With Boomi, JWH Group has accelerated integration development by 50 percent compared to alternatives. CASE STUDY – RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION Market: Residential Construction Headquarters: Perth, Western Australia Founded: 1983 Employees: 400 staff, 2,000 subcontractors Business Goals: Improve prospect and client experiences by connecting SugarCRM and Marketo to generate new insights. Integration Challenges: JWH Group needed to segregate data so that lead and quote information couldn't be accessed by competing companies. How Boomi Helped: Boomi supplies fast, flexible integration that connects SugarCRM and Marketo while supporting broader IT modernization. Results: • Speed of integration development accelerated 50% vs. alternatives • Little to no ongoing IT maintenance and support needed • Real-time connectivity for new sales and marketing insights • Flexibility for multiple integrations in IT modernization initiative Residential Home Developer Sets Foundation for Growth With Dell Boomi Integration JWH Group, a leading home builder in Western Australia, boosts its sales and marketing effectiveness by using Boomi to integrate SugarCRM and Marketo — while keeping data segregated across competing companies.

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