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Partner Solution Brief | Dell: Workforce Transformation Today, people use the most advanced technology to get things done and stay connected in their personal lives. And they expect no less at work. This is especially true with workforce onboarding. The speed of onboarding is a key operational issue, while the quality of the experience is fundamental to creating a great first impression with new staff. With Dell Boomi, part of the Dell Technologies family, you you can streamline onboarding to realize huge gains in productivity, cost-efficiency and employee engagement. Faster. Simpler. Smarter. Workforce Transformation With Dell Boomi. To grow and thrive, businesses must operate with speed, and insight — not just in the marketplace but inside the extended enterprise. That means connecting employees with the hardware, software and support they need to not only do their jobs, but to excel. With the Dell Boomi low-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and Boomi Flow, organizations can create streamlined onboarding, offboarding and role changing processes that ease the transition from applicant and candidate to valued team member. Boomi then helps you support that employee throughout their careers with timely, useful information and apps to help them manage their jobs. Boomi's Secret Sauce: The Atom The Boomi Atom is a lightweight runtime engine that can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or at the edge — online or offline — to manage enterprise business processes, including those related to provisioning the entire workforce with software, hardware, access permissions and employee benefits. Boomi Flow: Rapidly Create Low-Code Onboarding Applications With Boomi Flow, you can automate simple to sophisticated workflows that speed and streamline HR processes for all stakeholders — employees, business units and IT. And Flow makes it easy to extend application and data integration capabilities from workflow-based applications to online/offline mobile apps and web portals. Transform processes: Improve your ability to meet the needs of your employees by removing manual complexity from onboarding processes, while involving the right people at every step. Speed workflow implementation: Rapidly build, deploy and maintain workflow applications without the need for extensive coding. Create engaging employee experiences: Increase the adoption of processes by providing easy-to-use forms that adapt to any device. PARTNER SOLUTION BRIEF Don't Follow Today's Workforce Transformation. Lead It. With Dell Technologies, you can provide a best-in-class onboarding process and an excep- tional employee experience — without overtaxing IT staff. "Data is the new currency, the new gold of the digital economy. And Dell Boomi is helping business and IT work together to mine that gold." Michael Dell Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies

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