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Workforce Transformation Begins with Workplace Transformation When employees join an organization or switch roles, the process can either reinforce their commitment to the organization or irreparably damage it. If they struggle to get the tools they need to do their jobs, or if every interaction with IT and HR is a frustrating, time consuming boondoggle, maybe they'll decide it's time to move on. Onboarding Hardware, Software and Access Once an employee emerges from the HR documentation process, it's time to meet IT. From laptops, tablets and desktops to applications, websites and permissions, IT is at the center of the employee onboarding experience. For many IT organizations — and the workers they're trying to onboard — onboarding is a struggle that often takes weeks to resolve. With the Boomi integration platform and Boomi Flow, you can quickly build self-service web applications for VMware Workspace One that launch automated integration flows to quickly move employees through the onboarding process. And you can easily integrate any data or systems you need to exchange info and trigger actions. End-User Computing With VMware Workspace One When anyone inside an enterprise needs a device and a set of applications that IT must provision and deliver quickly, IT must ensure those applications are available and provided to the appropriate groups. For example, a sales person may not need applications to work with SQL databases, but business operations personnel would. Dell and Workspace One help administrators manage these tasks. With Boomi Flow, it's possible to add a process layer that integrates all the backend systems engaged in provisioning hardware and software, including OS images. Workspace One becomes just another endpoint in the onboarding workflow. IT administrators and business owners have visibility into all the procedural steps of the provisioning process, which becomes much faster, simpler and easier to manage. This can shave weeks off the onboarding journey — and reduce frustration for everyone involved. Why Boomi? Enterprise Connectivity • Dramatically cut the time and cost of integration • Implement integration projects in days or weeks, not months • Gain real-time insights across the business • Reorient core processes around the customer • Improve data quality and consistency • Flexibly scale and adapt to business needs Pure Cloud • No hardware to install or maintain • Automatic upgrades • Predictable usage-based pricing • Single-instance, multi-tenant architecture • Accessible from any browser Robust Integration • Proven connectivity to 1,000+ unique endpoints, including 200+ applications • Drag-and-drop integration development, no coding required • Any-to-any integration across cloud and on-premise systems • Intuitive, centralized integration management • Community access to connectors, widgets, process maps • Extensive crowd-sourced knowledge and guidance Speak with a Boomi integration expert View all customer stories at Learn more about how Boomi can help you build your CEM capabilities © 2019 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other names or marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. This brief is for informational purposes only. To learn more, visit us today at

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