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Minimize Risk When Migrating From Traditional to Modern Infrastructure When organizations consider migrating from legacy to hyper-converged hybrid IT infrastructure, one of the greatest impediments is the number and variety of business processes connected to and dependent on applications and databases that sit on aging infrastructure. During the migration, the potential for business critical failures is significant, while the planning process to avoid such failures is difficult, time consuming and rarely perfect. Because Boomi is deployed and managed from the cloud and its Atoms run in the cloud and on-premise, organizations have complete flexibility when moving and changing applications, data, and their underlying infrastructure. Boomi can connect applications, regardless of their location. So, for example, when customers combine VMware NSX-T network virtualization with Boomi, applications integrated via Boomi can stay connected across data centers, while virtual machines v-motion from one NSX-T data center to another. These combined technologies can help to reduce risk associated with technology refreshes. Organizations gain the ability to make transitions (such as hardware upgrades) faster with much less complexity. They don't have to bring down applications and systems to move them. This means transitioning from traditional storage or server architecture to much more flexible virtual data centers. This flexibility extends to distributed applications that employ Pivotal microservices. Those applications can stay connected via Boomi, running on top of VMware in a data center that's undergoing a technology reboot. Why Boomi? Enterprise Connectivity • Dramatically cut the time and cost of integration • Implement integration projects in days or weeks, not months • Gain real-time insights across the business • Reorient core processes around the customer • Improve data quality and consistency • Flexibly scale and adapt to business needs Pure Cloud • No hardware to install or maintain • Automatic upgrades • Predictable usage-based pricing • Single-instance, multi-tenant architecture • Accessible from any browser Robust Integration • Proven connectivity to 1,000+ unique endpoints, including 200+ applications • Drag-and-drop integration development, no coding required • Any-to-any integration across cloud and on-premise systems • Intuitive, centralized integration management • Community access to connectors, widgets, process maps • Extensive crowd-sourced knowledge and guidance "Data is the new currency, the new gold of the digital economy. And Dell Boomi is helping business and IT work together to mine that gold." Michael Dell Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies Speak with a Boomi integration expert View all customer stories at Learn more about how Boomi can help you build your CEM capabilities © 2019 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other names or marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. This brief is for informational purposes only. To learn more, visit us today at

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