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Partner Solution Brief | Google Cloud PARTNER SOLUTION BRIEF Dell Boomi for Google Cloud Dell Boomi gets Google Cloud services up and running with rapid application integration. Boomi's cloud-native, low-code integration platform and pre-built connectors deliver fast, nearly effortless application and data integration for Google customers who want to make the most of their cloud investments. Boomi offers connectors for configuring integrations with many Google Cloud offerings, including BigQuery, Cloud Pub/Sub, DoubleClick and applications like Sheets. Unleash the full power of Google Cloud with cloud-native integration For Google customers, Boomi delivers an easily scalable integration platform to move, manage, govern and orchestrate data across applications — on-premise or in the cloud. Traditional application integrations use code-based developer tools. The Boomi platform offers all the capabilities of legacy tools in a highly productive, drag-and-drop interface. Crowd-sourced knowledge and intelligence via Boomi Suggest help map integrations, while workflow automation with Boomi Flow streamlines processes and increases operational efficiency and agility. The Boomi platform dramatically reduces the time needed to configure and deploy your Google Cloud operations, while making all your integrations available for reuse, testing and monitoring. Perform big data analytics. The Boomi BigQuery connector simplifies large, one-time migrations from any source to BigQuery. It can also synchronize, stream or stage data to BigQuery. And, the connector can synchronize data between BigQuery and other cloud or on-premise databases, providing enriched data from enterprise applications or IoT devices. Read and write from Pub/Sub. The Boomi Pub/Sub connector allows Google applications or Boomi to publish to a topic (e.g. New Invoices) while other applications or Boomi instances subscribe to the published data. Boomi can ensure data is standardized, validated and enriched, while applying the appropriate business logic for routing or data transformation before publication. Increase productivity. The Boomi Google Apps connector enables users to integrate with Google Contacts, Calendar and Sheets. With the connector, users can create, edit, delete and search for contacts, contacts groups, calendars and events. In Sheets, they can read and change data. Boomi also offers a separate Google Sheets connector to support even greater collaboration and automation. Accelerate and automate key processes. With the Boomi DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) connector, organizations can use data residing in Google or on-premise to manage ad inventory, create orders, pull reports and more. "Data powers businesses to make better decisions. Boomi's integration with Google Cloud will accelerate data democratization and empower customers to speed up their analytics modernization journey." Nan Boden, Head of Global Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud

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