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Partner Solution Brief - Alleantia for IoT Integration

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Partner Solution Brief | Alleantia IoT PARTNER SOLUTION BRIEF Dell Boomi & Alleantia for IoT Integration Streamline how your manufacturing organization integrates IoT data into your enterprise systems to improve business operations and drive digital transformation initiatives. Many companies are looking to incorporate data from their devices and "things" to gain new visibility into their operations and automate processes. But to make the most of the IoT, organizations need to easily and seamlessly integrate information from smart devices and gateways with existing enterprise applications and systems. Dell Boomi partner Alleantia provides industry-leading software for communicating with devices and gateways at the edge of Internet of Things networks. Combined with the Boomi integration platform, organizations have a complete system for processing IoT data. Easily transform your IoT data for use by business applications to create new insights, revenue streams and digital innovations. Put Your IoT Data to Work Alleantia, Pisa, Italy, focuses on smart manufacturing, smart product, smart services and Industry 4.0. Its mission is to bring 'Industrial Things' online quickly and easily for any manufacturer or industrial operator that wants to make the most of its smart device data. Its core product implements comprehensive supervision, monitoring and control systems for plants, devices, individual machines and sensors, helping manufacturers, end-users and other businesses collect industrial IoT (IIoT) data from machines, production lines and devices to trigger an automated action or provide decision support for operating technicians and business managers. Complementing Alleantia's expertise "at the edge," the Boomi Atom provides the industry's only integration runtime engine that can reside at the network edge (in gateways, etc.) to process and filter device data locally before sending it to the enterprise network. This greatly reduces network loads from big data streams and prepares the data for easy integration with effective key business applications. At the same time, Boomi provides complete support for configuring integration processes with its true cloud-native, low-code development platform. Using Boomi, organizations can map and merge IoT data into the appropriate business applications, enriching and correlating with other enterprise information to analyze the data and generate insight or streamline workflows. Together, Boomi and Alleantia make it simple and fast for industrial companies to integrate device data with business applications and processes — putting that data right where it is needed to drive better decisions and streamline operations. With seamless integration uniting IoT and enterprise systems, manufacturers and other industrial companies can gain a host of benefits. Avoid Loss of Productivity. Automate the process for monitoring an industrial motor or a key component of a high performance machine, ensuring any maintenance or repairs are addressed before they fail and hurt productivity. Avoid Loss of Product. By simplifying the monitoring of the machinery in a cold-storage warehouse, organizations can quickly detect any variations in temperature and determine the source of the problem before a failure damages perishable inventory. Increased Productivity. Instantly incorporate historical device data in a customer service support portal, boosting employee productivity and customer satisfaction by providing greater visibility into order status.

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