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Partner Solution Brief - Alleantia for IoT Integration

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Ensure Compliance. By seamlessly incorporating device data into historical safety reports, manufacturers can provide more thorough and timely operational reports to respond to regulations, insurance requirements or service agreements with customers. Create New Business Models. By easily harvesting IoT data and integrating it with business applications, organizations can create new revenue opportunites opportunities based on the value of that data. An insurance company, for example, could offer variable insurance for industrial drones, based on fly time and geographical location. Alleantia and Boomi: Pioneering a New Approach to the IoT The number of smart machines is growing by the day. And many of these machines are already used in various industrial sectors, so the business opportunities are huge — but largely untapped. Together, Boomi and Alleantia provide a complete portfolio of technologies for harnessing IoT data and putting it to full use in your business. A common implementation would include these steps: 1. The Alleantia ISC software on the edge gateway manages an enterprise landscape of devices and collects and processes device data. 2. The Boomi integration engine, the Boomi Atom, also runs directly on the same gateway on the edge. 3. Integration processes are quickly created, modified and managed using the Boomi drag-and-drop, low-code, cloud-based development environment. 4. Boomi consumes device data gathered by Alleantia ISC, transforming it and integrating it with any other device and/or business data 5. Boomi delivers this data to wherever the business needs it — whether that is an on-premise data store or application, a cloud application, or even another gateway. 6. The business can then use Boomi to integrate device data with business applications, such as WMS, MES, ERP or CRM, and design operational processes supported by these enriched data sets." This approach takes full advantage of the gateway's computing power, while reducing local area network traffic. With a Boomi Atom running on the gateway, organizations can easily use machine data just as they would any other data source. For example, by combining enterprise business data with IoT machine data, manufacturers can build dashboards to monitor and optimize machine performance and lower operating costs. Even marginal gains from more detailed insights can mean huge cost saving for manufacturers running thousands of processes and producing millions of items. Why Boomi? Enterprise Connectivity • Dramatically cut the time and cost of integration • Implement integration projects in days or weeks, not months • Gain real-time insights across the business • Reorient core processes around the customer • Improve data quality and consistency • Flexibly scale and adapt to business needs Pure Cloud • No hardware to install or maintain • Automatic upgrades • Predictable usage-based pricing • Single instance, multi-tenant architecture • Accessible from any browser Robust Integration • Proven connectivity to 1,000+ unique endpoints, including 200+ applications • Drag-and-drop integration development, no coding required • Any-to-any integration across cloud and on-premise systems • Intuitive, centralized integration management • Community access to connectors, widgets and process maps • Extensive crowd-sourced knowledge and guidance To learn more, visit us today at © 2018 Dell, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Dell, Dell Boomi, the Dell Boomi logo and products–as identified in this document–are registered trademarks of Dell, Inc. in the U.S.A. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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