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Case Study: HIGHER EDUCATION | FLINDERS UNIVERSITY For more than 50 years, Flinders University has been a leading educational institution in Australia, recognized for its pioneering research and excellence in teaching. Ranked as one of the world's leading universities by Times Higher Education, Flinders today serves more than 27,000 students at its main campus in Southern Adelaide, South Australia and several other locations in the country. It's now extending that leadership with an overarching 10- year strategy called Making a Difference: The 2025 Agenda. This visionary initiative will prepare graduates for success in a dynamic yet unpredictable future of technological innovation and disruptive change. Fundamental to the broad 2025 vision is a five-year digital transformation strategy, which includes moving up to up to 90 percent of the organization's applications to the cloud. Through the cloud-first approach, Flinders aims to provide a dynamic digital campus experience to its students and its staff of more than 5,000 employees. By delivering a personalized student experience and meeting the high expectations of young, tech-savvy digital natives, Flinders can deepen engagement throughout the student lifecycle, from prospect to graduate to alumnus. In assessing its ambitious plan, Flinders recognized the critical need for integration to connect both new cloud applications and existing legacy systems. "We had very immature integration capabilities that were ad hoc, point-to-point and very manual," says Nicole Fishers, Flinders' deputy chief information officer. "We quickly realized that our lack of integration capability would be a limiting factor in our cloud-first road map." CASE STUDY – HIGHER EDUCATION Market: Higher Education Headquarters: Bedford Park, South Australia Founded: 1966 Students: 27,000 Employees: 5,000+ Business Goals: Flinders wanted to provide a superior digital experience to students and staff with a modern, cloud-first IT environment. Integration Challenges: Flinders needed flexible and easy-to-use cloud-native integration to quickly connect a diverse array of cloud and on-premise applications. How Boomi Helped: Boomi's low-code, cloud-native integration platform makes integration fast and easy, eliminating the need for custom-coding or specialized staff or expensive consultants. Results: • Reduced integration development time by at least 2x • Supported rapid deployment of a diverse range of 130 integration • Streamlined onboarding, lowered administrative overhead • Served as foundation a to new integration center of excellence Flinders University Builds a Digital Campus With Dell Boomi Australia's Flinders University is using the Boomi Platform to power a cloud-first strategy that will modernize IT and deliver seamless digital experiences to students and staff

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