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Case Study: Boomi Onboarding

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Case Study: BOOMI | SOFTWARE In the fall of 2015, Dell Boomi was a rapidly growing company with close to 150 employees. As its business quickly expanded during the next three years, Boomi's global workforce surged to nearly 700 employees — far outstripping the processes and tools Boomi had created when it was a much smaller organization. Hiring and supervisory managers at Boomi faced a laborious manual workload to bring on new employees. Emails, spreadsheets and data entry tasks consumed valuable time, hurting productivity among administrators and employees. "We were growing so fast we'd have 10 or 20 new hires a week. Once we even had 30 new hires in a single day!" says D.J. Krebsbach, Boomi's chief of staff. "I was working late Friday nights and coming in Sundays to set up laptops, network access and applications. It wasn't sustainable." Beyond the crippling administrative overhead, the onboarding processes were hurting corporate culture. A Boomi survey of employees in 2018 found that 74 percent of them didn't have a provisioned laptop on Day One of their Boomi careers. Moreover, it took an average of 92 days before new hires had access to key applications and information. A New Way to Onboard All that has changed since Boomi turned to its own Onboarding Solution Accelerator to streamline and automate its onboarding processes. A new offering for Boomi customers, the Onboarding Solution Accelerator proved its worth in an essential CASE STUDY – SOFT WARE Market: Software Headquarters: Chesterbrook, Pa. Founded: 2000 Customers: 8000+ Employees: 700+ Business Goals: Provide new hires with a seamless onboarding experience and eliminate time-consuming, error- prone manual processes. Business Challenges: Rapid growth at Boomi was overwhelming manual, disconnected onboarding workflows. How Boomi Helped: Using its own Boomi Onboarding Solution Accelerator, Boomi has dramatically improved efficiency and visibility by connecting systems and people. Results: • Shortened integration development by more than 2x • Saved 3.4 hours of administrative work per new hire for system provisioning • Reduced annual administrative work by $56,000 • Boosted projected productivity by $690,000 in the second half of FY2019 Dell Boomi Reinvents the New-Hire Experience With Onboarding Solution Accelerator Dell Boomi realized huge gains in productivity, cost-efficiency and employee engagement after deploying a new Boomi onboarding package. The integration accelerator unifies and coordinates data sources to streamline and automate key processes for new hires.

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