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Case Study: Shipping and Logistics | When a large retailer needs to ship candy to its stores ASAP. Or a company wants to replenish its break room supplies — pronto. Where do they turn? To And it's Dell Boomi EDI that makes sure those orders are processed, paid for, and out the door on time. No slip ups. No missed deliveries. Just happy customers. More to Than Candy Many people assume that is just an online website for buying candy. But behind that website is one of the most sophisticated shipping and logistics operations in the country. In fact, less than five percent of its business comes from consumer online sales is a super power in white label shipping, supplying large retailers all over the country. When the company ships products for one of its customers, the package arrives with the customer's — not's — shipping label and return address. Most notably, more than 50 percent of all chocolate sold in the United States and shipped during the summer months comes from's temperature and humidity controlled Braintree, Mass., warehouse. More than 90 percent of the company's sales are from its 24 major trading partners in the U.S. And EDI is vital to keeping those partnerships humming like a well-oiled machine. "If you shop at some your largest retailers and order candy or snacks, there's a good chance we're doing the shipping," says Gary Cifatte,'s chief technology officer. Customer Profile CASE STUDY – SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS Market: Shipping and Logistics Headquarters: Braintree, Mass. Founded: 2009 Customers: Direct consumers, large retailers and corporations Employees: 100 Business Goals: Accommodate rapid growth, maintain reputation for error-free, same-day shipping, and deliver industry-leading service. Challenges: Bring EDI in house, boost speed of order entry, improve data accuracy, and automate manual processes. How Boomi Helped: Provided a modern, low-code, cloud-based EDI platform that could quickly put into production while radically streamlining management of its B2B trading partner network. Results: Saved 200 to 250 hours in manual order entry, processing and financial reconciliation; reduced order entry time from as much as a day to six seconds; increased data accuracy; ended EDI finger-pointing with trading partners. Drives Growth of Shipping Business with Boomi's Bulletproof EDI Third-party logistics provider saves more than 200 hours per week in manual processing while delivering mistake-free, next-day shipping guided by revolutionary EDI management platform from Boomi

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