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Through a modern, cloud-based integration platform, organizations across the healthcare ecosystem can connect Salesforce Health Cloud to electronic health records (EHRs), billing systems, clinical systems and payer systems to create a unified view of patient interactions. With comprehensive insight into each patient, providers can deliver more timely and effective care, payers can process claims more efficiently, and life sciences companies can ensure that clinical trials are focused on the right patients, whose histories and conditions are fully understood. A modern, low-code integration platform makes it quick and easy for healthcare organizations to integrate Salesforce with applications for enrollment, billing, electronic health records and EDI partner networks. Integration coupled with data quality management provides the necessary control over data quality. Governing your data ensures that aggregate views of patients, providers and clinical trial participants are accurate and up-to-date. Integrating key data and systems of record into Salesforce Health Cloud ensures healthcare organizations are ready for the next generation of advances in medicine — advances that include broader use of smart devices, mobile apps, telemedicine, precision medicine and patient-centered care. SALESFORCE INTEGRATION BENEFITS Give providers a single view of patients with up-to- date comprehensive histories. Through integration with EHRs and other clinical systems, Salesforce Health Cloud can serve as a master record of all patient data, ensuring that providers have a comprehensive view of each patient being treated. Gaining a unified view of the patient helps providers deliver more effective care and eliminates time- consuming tasks, such as logging into multiple systems to find patient records. Give payers a comprehensive view of patients and their claims data. Integrate Salesforce Health Cloud with payer and payer partner data for claims, post-service engagement surveys, medication data and even clinical data to provide a superior customer experience for payers. Combine Salesforce Health Cloud with data quality management to crosslink all claims data against capitated payment goals. Improve patient engagement. By integrating Salesforce Health Cloud with mobile apps, web apps, and smart, Internet of Thing (IoT) devices, providers can improve patient engagement while collecting and sharing healthcare status, recommendations and results in real time. Gain a complete view of patients in clinical trials. By integrating Salesforce Health Cloud with key data, life sciences companies and other research organizations can better collect and manage data from tracking applications, including information related to quality control, pharmacovigilance and IoT devices. With integration in place, Salesforce can provide a complete view of the trial process, aiding in the development of precision medicine. Salesforce Integration for Healthcare Transform healthcare by bringing data together in Salesforce Health Cloud to improve patient engagement and data management. P A R T N E R I N D U S T R Y B R I E F

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