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Contains Industry Briefs that cover the benefits the Boomi integration platform provides to a particular industry, such a retail, banking, finance, education, utilities, healthcare and manufacturing.

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Industry Solution Brief | Patient360 Dell Boomi for Healthcare Patient360 Connecting data silos to create a single, 360-degree view for supporting patient-centered care Delivering patient-centered care requires a single view of the patient so medical professionals can effectively collaborate at the point of care. To achieve this, Boomi helps clinicians and healthcare IT teams reduce costs across the care continuum by easily connecting disparate data from medical records and legacy systems. Driving Healthcare Transformation With Unified, Secure Data Access Dell Boomi helps healthcare IT professionals and clinical teams act quickly without being hindered by the heterogeneity of patient data sources. Boomi offers three capabilities that are vital to creating a single view of the patient. The Boomi platform supports Patient360 initiatives with cloud-native integration; high- speed/low-code development; and secure, quality data. Boomi helps healthcare providers integrate diverse data sets from all relevant source systems. These include electronic health record (EHR) systems, third-party medical service providers, and clinical/non-clinical data sources. Such data sources include claims reporting, imaging applications, IoT devices and mobile applications. Boomi helps medical organizations improve healthcare delivery and provide the personalized services that lead to the best results for patients and their providers. Improve outcomes. Coordinate the scheduling of critical resources. Integrate data from connected, wearable devices. Improve operational efficiencies by aggregating medication tracking metrics and other KPIs related to physician activities. Refine standard operating procedures with data-driven insights. Create one-to-one patient journeys. Meet rising patient expectations for a personalized healthcare experience by connecting internal and partner systems. Improve communications and patient engagement with accurate, up-to-date information — accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. Build collaborative ecosystems. Deliver on the promise of electronic medical records (EMRs), unlock the return on your investments, and foster greater collaboration among expert systems. Securely connect with healthcare partners and third parties to build collaborative, patient-centric networks. Consolidate clinical, engagement and financial data while strengthening compliance with HIPAA in the United States and similar healthcare data regulations around the world. Focus on patients, not integration. Whatever a company's role in healthcare, Boomi simplifies and speeds needed integrations. Pre-built connectors, support for HL7 and other key data standards, and low-code development lets you focus resources on the healthcare mission, not on costly and time-consuming integration. Wellness Fitness IoT Monitoring Early Adverse Trend Detection Chronic Disease Acute Condition Recovery Post-Discharge Monitoring Health Coaching Care Compliance Bene•t Management Therapy Adherence Remote Monitoring Early Intervention Bene•t Transparency Care Team Coordination Hospital Management Reimbursement Management INDUSTRY SOLUTION BRIEF The Patient360 Lifecycle

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