Master Data Hub: Cost-Benefit Analysis

November 1, 2018

Dell Boomi Master Data Hub: Cost-Benefit Analysis

A Practical Approach to Bringing Control to Your Data

On-premise master data management (MDM) projects are known for their challenges. A typical MDM implementation cycle spans a year or more. The average MDM price tag often exceeds $1 million — and that’s only for a perpetual license. 

Add to that the costs of hardware or software, as well as associated deployment costs such as testing, support, upgrades or maintenance (usually requiring expensive staff or contractors with specialized technical skills). Finally, add in the opportunity costs of diverting critical IT resources to an exhaustive project.

These challenges make MDM prohibitively expensive for many companies and business units. In addition, MDM is often a large capital expense, which can trigger a complicated and lengthy budget approval process.

And for companies that try to build their own MDM system, it’s likely that a more structured approach will eventually be needed as scale and complexity increases. A New Era for Master Data Management In contrast to traditional approaches to MDM, the cloud is revolutionizing how companies can approach their data management needs.

By running MDM on a cloud service such as Dell Boomi Master Data Hub, you can radically reduce the time and costs of consistently managing data across your organization.

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