Boomi for Higher Education

Build your connected digital campus with cloud integration

The unified Boomi Platform helps your educational institution deepen student engagement and increase staff productivity by unifying cloud and legacy on-premises application silos. Boomi simplifies the increasingly complex tasks of connecting and delivering data anytime, anywhere while accelerating your IT modernization projects.

The Boomi Platform lets you build a more connected digital campus by bridging the gap between on-premises legacy systems and new cloud environments. Enrich your learning experience and stay on-budget by integrating your diverse applications and data at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional middleware or custom-coding.


Enrich student portals with a broader range of academic resources, learning management, and social networking, while providing new mobile services -- from digital cafeteria checkouts to textbook purchases with a smartphone.


Dissolve integration barriers across enrollment, student records, alumni communications, and other processes. Deliver a unified applicant-to-alumnus digital experience that benefits both students and your institution over the entire lifetime relationship.


Minimize the inefficiencies of siloed applications and improve access to critical information for staff, faculty, and administrators. Unify systems in order to deliver powerful analytics and improve such tasks as financial reporting, managing student and employee records, tracking alumni fundraising, and more.


Liberate data from aging hardware or proprietary applications. Preserve your investments in mission-critical systems while incrementally upgrading to modern IT architectures within the constraints of your resources and budgets.


Equip your IT team to complete integration projects at a fraction of the time and costs of traditional methods, and manage all your integrations within tight budget constraints. Boomi also provides robust data quality services, reducing data governance costs and overhead associated with new digital initiatives.

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