How Boomi Can Help Your Organization Strengthen GDPR Compliance

The Role of Integration in Meeting the Growing Challenges of Consumer Data Privacy

GDPR compliance is proving to be a difficult and complex task. Many organizations are falling short of mandates to track and protect the consumer data they possess, and make it available to consumers for review, correction, or deletion.

One culprit in GDPR noncompliance is a lack of data and application integration capabilities that could help organizations respond to GDPR requirements. The GDPR challenge is in large part a data management challenge, and ad hoc approaches to managing personally identifiable information (PII) are risky and ineffective.

Getting the data part of GDPR right is increasingly important as has GDPR has triggered additional consumer data privacy laws around the world. Today, 66 percent of countries have enacted laws governing how consumer data may be collected and used.

And in the U.S., states have implemented their own legislation. California took the lead with the California Consumer Privacy Act, which took effect in January 2020. Similar legislation is in the works in other states, including New York, Maryland, Nevada, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and others.

No single technology or technique can fulfill all GDPR requirements. Nevertheless, data and application integration are critical to responding to the GDPR. Businesses will want to address data silos by integrating disparate data sources and enforcing data governance rules to ensure data is trusted, and that data is removed when there is no legitimate purpose to keep it. If your organization doesn’t have strong integration capabilities, it could struggle to address the data governance demands of the GDPR.

This whitepaper addresses the challenges of GDPR compliance, and how the unified Boomi Platform can help. 

Fundamentally, GDPR compliance is about emphasizing privacy as an indispensable part of the product (or service) lifecycle — whatever that product or service may be. 

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