Achieving a True Customer View With Dell Boomi

To stay competitive, companies need a unified, comprehensive, true view of each customer — and achieving that true view begins with integration and data management. 

This ebook explores the relationship between data and customer experience (CX); the need for data governance; and how a modern, cloud-native unified integration platform that includes data hub capabilities can help you master your data, no matter how complex.

Boomi has helped thousands of customers solve their integration and data management challenges. With Boomi, customers are able to:

  • Reduce Costs: Integrate, enrich and synchronize data quickly and easily, lowering operational overhead
  • Increase Efficiency: Improve data consistency and accuracy with a visual, no-code experience
  • Avoid Risk: Centralize approval processes and integration patterns to enforce data governance
  • Ensure Growth: Easily steward data for repair, plus classify and deliver master data to downstream systems
  • Gain a True Customer View: Gain a centralized, unified, accurate golden record for each customer to improve customer experiences


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