Process Integration: Unlocking the Full Potential of SaaS CRM

By Rick Nucci, Boomi Founder & CTO

Have you recently implemented a new SaaS- or cloud-based CRM system in your business and yet still find you can’t get even the simplest information you need in a timely and usable fashion?

Are you still doing duplicate data entry? Find you still can’t trust the data in your reports? And worst of all, do you and your team feel like all you do is feed the system versus the system feeding you?

If you are suffering from these or similar symptoms, odds are your new CRM has not been properly integrated with your existing back office systems.

Whether you’ve been using a CRM for some time or you are new to CRM and contemplating a purchase, this whitepaper will help you identify some of the key integration touch points that must be properly implemented in order to fully maximize the return on your CRM investment.

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