How Boomi Helps Developers, Enterprise Architects, DevOps Teams, and CIOs

While the Boomi Platform is renowned for helping enterprises build integrations quickly and easily, Boomi’s benefits go far beyond that. In this ebook, we look at the many ways Boomi’s intelligence, automation, and flexibility help teams across any business.

With Boomi, people, devices, and applications get the data they need, in the format they need, and delivered on time. But the platform benefits IT organizations, too. 

Boomi offers power and flexibility to developers, enterprise architects, and DevOps teams. It offers flexibility and high ROI for CIOs, saving time and money.

Boomi helps accelerate integration development, supporting the most important work of many enterprises: accessing new types of data and data sources, connecting data sources, collecting and analyzing data for insights, and delivering new products and services based on those insights.

Underlying all those initiatives is integration. And Boomi makes building and managing these integrations fast, easy, and reliable – and in any environment your IT team happens to work in.

The Boomi Platform’s low-code development, support for data governance, API lifecycle management, B2B networks, and workflow automation make it an important asset for any IT organization seeking to get the most from its data and technical teams.

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