Boomi Customers: Pioneers of Modern Integration

In 2008 Boomi helped establish the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) market. And for more than a decade, the Boomi integration platform has been helping organizations around the globe and across industries respond to the increasingly complex demands of cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures.

At Boomi, all our work is based on an unwavering focus on our customers — listening to what they need and building an integration platform that helps them meet their most important business goals.

Because of our dedication to our customers, Boomi is consistently ranked at the top of key industry market assessments. And we are adding more than seven customers a day while recording one of the industry’s lowest churn rates. Clearly, the market is telling us we are on the right path.

The stories on the following pages illustrate how Boomi is achieving this success, one customer at time. The speed, flexibility, ease of use and cost savings provided by our cloud-native, low-code integration platform are substantial and strategic.

Together with our customers, we are continually expanding the definition of integration and what the integration cloud can do for organizations around the world.

Read our customers’ stories on the following pages to learn how these industry-leading companies have used the Boomi platform to address their toughest integration challenges and build the foundation to survive and thrive in this dynamic digital era.

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