Migrating to the Cloud: Key Insights and Integration Strategies for Success

Cloud migration is the most important technology transition businesses have faced in decades.

The on-premise applications of old simply can’t deliver the performance, agility or scalability required by today’s global, digital marketplace. To keep up — let alone excel — smart organizations must rebuild their application portfolios and infrastructure. And they must act now.

The new generation of cloud software, platforms and services is evolving so rapidly that organizations stuck with older, on-premise applications and systems will find it increasingly difficult to compete. So businesses must migrate to the cloud soon, and that migration must be done well. No organization can afford to waste time, resources and money re-engineer its cloud infrastructure because of rushed design choices, brittle architecture or cumbersome coding.

Done poorly, cloud migration creates new complexity and drives up costs. Done right, cloud migration creates dramatic new efficiencies and establishes a flexible foundation for future innovation.

How can businesses manage this monumental transition, especially when IT organizations remain overworked and overstretched?

Dell Boomi has teamed up with leading IT consultancy Slalom to help customers with their journeys to the cloud.

From our mutual work with the world’s top companies across many industries, we have developed key methodologies and best practices for ensuring successful cloud migration projects.

This ebook presents our insights for how organizations can best plan for and carry out their cloud migration efforts. With this knowledge in hand, you can get your cloud efforts started off on the right path to receive all the benefits you expect.

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