Customer Testimonial | University of Sussex Reimagines Its Virtual Learning Environment

November 26, 2019

The University of Sussex modernizes its IT architecture to create a digital campus experience that meets the needs of its 19,000 students.

How Boomi Helped

The University of Sussex selected Boomi after an initial testing phase revealed the benefits of a low-code, cloud-native approach. 

Boomi addressed the university's data and integration needs in a variety of ways:

Enabling the transition to an updated virtual learning environment from the previous platforms which inhibited integration between the record system and online learning materials.
Controlling and securing the critical data flow on the virtual learning environment, the university's e-assessments site accessed by thousands of students and staff, from online submission through to tutor feedback and marking, via the API management portal.
Ensuring the efficient cloud migration of key IT infrastructure with its low-code capability and real-time, API-led integration, and controlling and monitoring integration processes in the background. 


The University of Sussex's IT infrastructure is currently undergoing substantial transformation of its integration mechanisms with the Boomi platform. The benefits of this align with the core messaging of the Sussex 2025 strategy, enabling modernized academic and IT functions to embrace a cloud-first system.

With Boomi, the University of Sussex was able to:

  • Provide an e-assessment portal to students that can be up-dated and accessed in real time from any available platform. By integrating this with the student record system, the portal had zero down-time in 2018.
  • Process around 20,000 records every 24 hours from the student management system to the finance database after moving away from legacy systems.

"Boomi has as helped us embrace change, create an integration strategy, and think about where we want to head."

– Sarah Walker, head of finance services and information, University of Sussex

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