Sky Offers Stress-Free Troubleshooting, Painless Customer Service With Boomi

April 9, 2020

British media and entertainment company saves $7.8 million in first year, gains 67 percent more online customer interactions

Sky, Europe’s leading media and entertainment company (and part of the Comcast family), wanted to solve a crucial but often overlooked problem for broadband users: complex troubleshooting. 

The company recognized that customer service was a critical driver to its ultimate success — which meant doing away with the need for customers to spend painful hours on the phone with tech support teams to fix technical issues. 

Sky looked to Boomi to help reinvent customer support efforts and streamline troubleshooting for the 24 million users of its TV, broadband, and Wi-Fi services. The end goal: convert frustrated customers into enthusiastic fans while lowering costs and boosting revenues and market share.

Together, Boomi and Sky created Future Assurance View (FAV), a tool that gives customers an easy-to-access look into equipment issues, then directs them to intuitive guidance for self-service. Accessible through the MySky app or, FAV brings together databases, real-time tests, and live information from customer routers to diagnose technical issues before customers have to pick up the phone. It offers a quick, efficient, self-service alternative to traditional tech support. 

Boomi’s workflow engine helped Sky automatically figure out the best action for each issue raised through FAV. Then, Boomi’s business rules suggest optimal courses of action according to each product’s performance. 

FAV now helps 1,400 customers and manages 188,000 transactions a week. The tool has reduced the inbound call rate to customer service by 15 percent while greatly boosting the customer experience. And that's only the start of the benefits Sky has received with Boomi. 

"What Boomi provides over and above other workflow engineers is the flexibility of the workflow and the ability to configure complicated rule sets, which is exactly what we need."

— Fadi Asad Michael, Director of Consumer Services, Sky UK

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