Quanta Services Speeds M&A Integrations by More Than 75 Percent With Boomi

March 31, 2020


Specialty contractor onboards up to four acquisitions per quarter, uses cloud application to enable “citizen developers” to integrate systems.

Specialty construction firm Quanta Services has been continuously growing for more than 20 years, acquiring as many as five companies a quarter. But Quanta’s IT systems just couldn’t keep up.

Within Quanta’s rapidly growing collection of companies was data from hundreds of sources, operating with multiple programming languages. Quanta corporate tried using several integration tools to connect key data center systems with those at its operating companies’ locations. But it could not push information from the operating companies to its centralized, shared cloud application platforms. That required a common programming language, which Quanta could not yet support.

Quanta also had a large population of nontechnical users in the field, such as chief financial officers (CFOs) and financial controllers. These users needed the ability to build integrations quickly, but they couldn’t do this work without IT resources. Ultimately, this slowed Quanta’s ability to onboard newly acquired companies.

Quanta evaluated systems from Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle, and MuleSoft, but ultimately selected the Boomi Platform to connect its employee data systems and external SaaS platforms, and then integrate these with systems operated by Quanta’s acquired companies, resulting in:

  • 75 percent faster integration of banking systems between new companies and Quanta corporate.
  • More than 100 systems integrated by citizen developers, including CFOs and controllers.
  • Fewer than 30 days to facilitate funds transfer between an acquisition and Quanta corporate.

"With Boomi, our visibility into funds transfers between corporate and new acquisitions is more than 75 percent faster than before. What used to take us six to nine months can now be done in 30 days."

— Kurt Witt, Head of Data Management, Quanta Services

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