Havas Improves Advertising Performance With Integrated Big Data

March 12, 2020

Media company uses data integration to increase effectiveness of client advertising campaigns

Havas is one of the world’s largest global communications groups. Its large roster of high profile clients depend on the company’s media division to design and deliver highly effective advertising campaigns on their behalf. And for the insights needed to achieve this, Havas depends on Boomi. 

With Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation, Havas was able to integrate all of the data sources needed — from both client CRM data and dozens of other data sources — on its Hadoop infrastructure.

Business users within Havas no longer need to involve the company’s data platforms team to get the data, and the analytics, they need. Rather than having to wait for technical help, users can select different data sources themselves, then combine and explore the data using their visualization tools.

Now, Havas has a holistic picture of why consumers did or did not decide to interact with an advertising campaign. And Havas employees can quickly analyze campaign influencers and optimize both creative and media placement to increase the connection between its clients’ brands and consumers. This responsiveness has allowed Havas to differentiate itself as a service organization.

With Boomi in place, Havas will be able to continue to increase its agility, even optimizing campaigns while they are running.

"Boomi allows us to hide all of the complexity of the underlying data."

— Sylvain Le Borgne, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Technology, Havas Media Group

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