MedSpeed Teams With Boomi to Transform Its Mission-Critical Business Processes

Market-leading healthcare logistics company MedSpeed is using Dell Boomi’s unified integration platform to enhance customer service, expand its delivery network and improve operational efficiencies while speeding integration development 5X across 30 mission-critical applications.

With a fleet of 1,500 vehicles moving roughly 7 million items a year and 130 locations across 29 states, MedSpeed works with many of the largest healthcare providers across the country to transform same-day transportation into a strategic asset that drives integration, system efficiencies and clinical effectiveness.

MedSpeed wanted to power business transformation by moving from a legacy system to best-of-breed cloud apps. Flexible, reliable integration across customer and delivery routing systems was essential for success. And that's exactly what Boomi provides. 

“Boomi is core to our extremely mission-critical systems and the entire operation of MedSpeed. It’s the glue that connects the business.”

— Dan Blake, CTO, Medspeed

To date, MedSpeed has built 30 mission-critical integrations through Boomi’s cloud-native platform — with a two-person team.

Chuck Sherer, MedSpeed’s director of data architecture and integration, estimates that integration development in Boomi is five times faster than custom coding.

“We’ve been able to put together an integration in a few hours with Boomi that otherwise might have taken us a week,” Sherer says. “Boomi’s low learning curve means that I can ramp up a new user very quickly, and that’s critical to what we’re doing.”

And powerful integrations with faster development speed aren't the only benefit MedSpeed has realized. 

Dan Blake, Medspeed's chief technology officer, refers to Boomi as "the glue that connects the business." With Boomi, the fast-growing company now has a single source of truth to support business objectives and growth along with transparent monitoring for rapid issue identification and resolution. 

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