Boomi Orchestrates the World’s Largest Salesforce Integration

Boomi integrated the Dell and EMC Salesforce instances in just 12 weeks, improving visibility, collaboration and revenue forecasting for a combined sales organization of 40,000.

In any M&A deal, integration never happens fast enough. And it’s usually in the sales trenches where the pain starts. So, in 2015 when Dell acquired EMC to create the world’s largest privately controlled technology company, sales force readiness and revenue forecasting were critical for a seamless transition on Day One.

And visibility and collaboration were essential to cross-selling the combined product portfolio of server, storage, virtualization and PC technologies. Sales visibility was also critical on the executive and planning levels, to ensure informed, data-driven pipeline and supply chain management.

The underpinning integration to unify the separate instances of the Salesforce platform needed to support a swift and flawless transition, ensuring seamless support to its newly combined customer base.

Criteria for Success

Integrating the Salesforce Platform instances of two large enterprises was a herculean task. There were multiple business-critical elements that couldn’t fail, including:

  • Accommodating legacy and custom applications already on-site
  • Integrating customer databases and connecting them to service agent applications
  • Eliminating manual reconciliation and reporting on data from disconnected systems
  • Aligning different business rules and processes at the two companies
  • Maintaining 100 percent uptime with no latency between the integrated systems

Ready for Day One — In Only Twelve Weeks

To ensure success, Dell turned to Boomi, its own cloud-native, low-code platform for driving integration and workflow automation. Using Boomi’s high-productivity development environment, Dell’s IT team completed the massive Salesforce integration in only 12 weeks.

Using Boomi for the Salesforce integration, Dell EMC:

  • Reduced development and testing to a few weeks, avoiding the lengthy manual processes of traditional integration
  • Unified its global sales force with a consolidated view of open opportunities to drive cross-sell revenue
  • Achieved accurate, timely revenue forecasting and supply chain planning via pipeline transparency
  • Streamlined the post-merger transition
  • Gained rapid time to value and immediate business impact

"Boomi’s lightweight footprint and ease of use made development very straightforward work. It’s an extremely agile, cost-effective and robust platform that addressed a critical, high-priority need."

— Scott Pittman, Senior Vice President, Commerce Services, Dell Technologies

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