Corkcicle Relies on Boomi and NetSuite to Help Drive Triple-Digit Growth

The hip consumer goods maker streamlines key order and distribution processes with Boomi, improving the accuracy of its data and accelerating its expanding operations.

Corkcicle has turned a cool idea into a very hot business. The Florida-based company makes insulated drinkware, coolers and other products that keep beverages ice cold or toasty warm — and business is overflowing.

Since upgrading to NetSuite from a mix of entry-level systems in 2014, Corkcicle has streamlined its back-office functions, including accounting, sales and inventory management. But it continued to struggle with problematic integrations between NetSuite and separate sales order entry applications, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) distribution partners. 

Corkcicle recognized that managing its data and connecting NetSuite to its other key applications was critical to success — and Boomi was the answer. 

The Boomi Platform has delivered a wealth of business benefits to Corkcicle. With Boomi, the company:

  • Improved the accuracy and speed in critical order and distribution processes
  • Eliminated the hassles and cost of troubleshooting integration problems
  • Accelerated integration development 2X to 3X compared to custom coding
  • Gained future-proof flexibility to handle any integration scenario

"Boomi is a Swiss Army knife that gives us flexibility to innovate. Tying Boomi in with NetSuite helps us streamline our growth and quickly tackle any operational problems that may occur."

— Blake Thomas, Partner, Corkcicle

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