AnesthesiaOS Transforming Healthcare With Boomi Cloud Integration

AnesthesiaOS software helps anesthesiologists provide better care for patients by streamlining back-office workflow. The SaaS vendor works with hospitals and other healthcare organizations to improve how they deliver healthcare.

AnesthesiaOS needed a partner that could eliminate the integration challenge for its customers with applications using HL7, XML and flat file formats running both in the cloud and behind legacy firewalls. 

The Boomi Platform has dramatically streamlined how AnesthesiaOS connects together its software with its healthcare customers key applications and data sources, including existing EHR/EMR systems.

Boomi offers AnesthesiaOS dramatically faster implementation times by virtually eliminating the need and expenses of custom coding.

Now AnesthesiaOS can rapidly integrate its software with healthcare organizations’ existing EHR/EMR systems.

The benefits delivered by Boomi include:

  • Eliminates the need for custom coding
  • Accelerating the speed of business and boosting sales and revenues 
  • Ensures data quality by sharing between healthcare systems
  • Replaces manual, paper-based workflows
  • Improves data governance, allowing the EHR to function as a “single version of the truth”
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