23andMe Improves Operational Efficiencies With Boomi-Powered NetSuite Integration

With Boomi connectivity, the leading consumer genetics company boosts efficiencies, supports rapid growth and accelerates integration 2X.

To support its business goals of sustained, rapid growth and using genetic data to revolutionize health, wellness and research, DNA testing pioneer 23andMe is building out a cloud IT infrastructure that can aid the business with scalability and operational efficiencies in areas such as HR, retail sales and procurement.

The company turned to Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform to help integrate and orchestrate the shared data and workflows among the new best-of-breed cloud-based applications it was adding. 

Boomi’s low-code, drag-and-drop interface lets 23andMe developers configure, test and deploy integrations twice as fast as custom coding.The company is also using Boomi B2B Management for efficient, transparent EDI transactions with retail partners that sell its DNA testing kits.

Boomi has brought significant operational improvements to 23andMe.

  • HR: By seamlessly connecting the data shared between NetSuite and Workday, the company can accelerate new-hire onboarding, streamline HR processes and improve the overall employee experience.
  • Retail: By triggering creation of sales orders in NetSuite from partner EDI files, Boomi allows 23andMe to reduce manual work and quickly onboard retail partners.
  • Procurement: By connecting NetSuite with Coupa, Boomi helps company scientists work more efficiently, making it fast and easy for them to purchase supplies and stay productive.

"Boomi is the glue between systems that allows us to run the business more effectively."

— Anil Mendonca, Senior NetSuite Systems Analyst, 23andMe

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