Qlik Taps Boomi to Keep Pace With Its Global Business Growth

With Boomi, analytics software vendor speeds migration to best-of-breed cloud applications — building 40+ integrations 5X faster than previously possible

Qlik struggled to make its systems communicate quickly, reliably, and efficiently in the midst of rapid business growth. The company needed to integrate key cloud-based business systems, including Salesforce Sales Cloud and NetSuite for ERP management, but its single-purpose, one-off integrations, as well as limited integration tools, couldn’t support these efforts. 

First deployed in 2011, Boomi has helped Qlik:

  • Scale from two to 40 integrations across the enterprise
  • Connect Salesforce and NetSuite to orchestrate pricing, configuration, and quote processes, while synchronizing data on customers, contacts, sales orders, invoices, and licensing
  • Connect Workday to ServiceNow for employee onboarding, and to Qlik analytics software to automate employee provisioning to Microsoft Active Directory, NetSuite, and Concur.
  • Increase from 10 to 20 daily process executions to 20,000
  • Build integrations 5X faster
  • Quickly spin up APIs so external vendors can consume Qlik services
  • Stay current with the latest in technical innovations related to integration and data management

"It’s so much faster to build integrations in Boomi compared to custom code. Instead of having to rebuild a Salesforce connection to NetSuite, it’s just there. We’ve gotten a lot faster because we don’t have to reinvent the wheel."

— Theodore Sager, Director of IT Automation, Qlik

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