Disguise Accelerates IT Modernization and Boosts Business Agility With Boomi

Disguise raises the curtain on IT modernization to speed access to quality data, driving rapid growth for the global entertainment company.

Disguise offers the first fully integrated 3D visualization-based software suite packaged with high-performance hardware. It is the creative platform for some of the world’s most spectacular entertainment events, concerts, art installations and TV productions.

Cutting-edge visual designers and producers depend on the Disguise platform to create and deliver mind-blowing visual experiences.

Thanks to its success, the company has grown from a staff of just 17 to 110 people, with offices in New York, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and California. But expansion has brought complexity, and Disguise has long sought a way to access quality data about its business operations.

Data was siloed across systems including NetSuite, Salesforce and Jira, supporting finance, sales, technical support and customer service. Disguise struggled with coordinating processes across new cloud applications and its legacy on-premise systems. And the company also had problems with data quality, with master data not synchronized across multiple systems.

Disguise needed a way to gain better operational and financial insights, drive business transformation, and support its rapid growth.  

With the Boomi unified platform, Disguise is orchestrating vital processes, making data-driven decisions, and running a faster and more agile business amid double-digit annual revenue growth.

The company now has a unified digital ecosystem that lets it focus valuable resources on growth, product development and customer service, rather than struggling with disparate data and IT complexity. Disguise has realized significant business benefits:

  • Freed up employee time for more innovation and productivity
  • Gained new visibility into the weekly sales pipeline
  • Improved the accuracy and speed of revenue projections
  • Created a single version of the truth and “golden records” of master data across applications
  • Rolled out a data warehouse to drive greater financial and operational insights

"Boomi allows employees to be able to think rather than being part of a production line."

— Ivan Roche, Head of Global Business Intelligence and Technology, Disguise

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